Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lil Laughs out Loud at Lack of Light!

Ohhhhhhhh what a week it has been in football.

A week is a long time, just ask Donk. As the Donks celebrated the birth of another little cagger i wondered will this son of donk be a star in the art of soccer like his father. Now as a seasoned medium watcher and one who possesses similar skills i decided to fetch out my crystal ball and delve into the future to see whether this son of donk will keep the cags team going. it all started well but as things became clearer it appeared rhys infact would show disinterest for soccer and infact take up his dads second love (Rythmic Gymnastics), didn't see that one coming.

So game day came and the cags made one change calling in Nugs for the baby maker (donk). Nugs would line up as keeper with bobo and JT in defence and hamper, hammer, pacifier and shorty in midfield/attack. The cags didn't dissapoint with a fiery start which saw hamper shown yellow for a violent attack on an unassuming josh's bucket player. with wes and pete subbed in the cags soon found their range and a shorty goal warmed the heart of no. 1 ticket holder riss. hammer to pepper steaked the goals several times along with wes, pacifier and jt but the cags could nail it home until a wes lefty delight gave the cags a 2 goal buffer.

the second half saw a change of keeper and nugs released onto the field but the cags were under intense pressure from the opposition but some strong defence from pete wes and bobo ensured opportunities soon came and a 2 in 2 from shorty and a cagalicious hamper special gave the cags a sensational 5 nil win.

Five of the best caggers.

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