Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tis the Season to be Jolly and there is no Water in the Inn.

Pete Licho is dreaming of that elusive goal!
Much to talk about this week, mostly crap and some sort of a wedding in the air, a royal wedding even!  But this pails into insignificants when compared with the wedding this weekend, Lil and Hammer will tie the knot or hairy shoulder as it may be!  Many of the Cags will be there to cheer the happy couple on, and from all at, all the best ya goons!
But aside from being jolly for the wedding of the month (even bigger than that other Dingamense wedding also on this weekend) there is more reason to be jolly, its just five weeks to Christmas, and its time to slaughter Christmas the chicken in preparation for the feasts to come.  But the Christmas cheer did not make it down to Birch ave just yet, the friendly staff at Launceston United, refusing to refill FBombs water bottle at half time, The president Mr. Towns stating that the canteen attendant was too busy to refill the empty water bottles of the needy (this despite there was not a customer in sight),” you best go around the back to the barn, there is a tap next to the manger, use that!!!” said Mr President.
What gives and where has the love gone?
Anyway, the Cags had a game of football to get on with, and after some frustration was shown to those involved in the unfortunatness, Fbomb returned to meet his team mates, who were not too impressed with his performance to date in goals.
The pacifier was busy pacifying the masses this week again, so was not available, in came old Cagger from way back, Simmo the ball hog!  And he had a massive impact.
Cags went for a 3-1-2 formation, to try and keep the technical abilities of Double Trigger under tight reign.  Rowtondo was commanding the back line like Rio Ferdinand of England and Man U.  I have not seen this kid play a game like this in all my life, and he was in some form keeping past Tasmanian Soccer greats quiet all game that included names like Ian Dickinson and Justin Dyre.
Despite Rowtondo’s efforts, FBomb bombed them out of the water after he over cooked his touch across goal and straight to the feet of Double Triggers advancing attacker who placed it into the open net to go ahead 1-0
Now the Cags were looking for the luck that has put them ahead in times of need, but it was nowhere to be seen this week, not even a passing bird flying across goal could be found to try and luck a deflection off and into the goal, but the cags shot the ball high in the hope that the heavens could provide the dove of life…….it never arrived, and neither did the Cags first half goal, so it was 1-0 deficit at half time.
Cags came out with a new lease on life in the second half, even though they had to kick into a stiff breeze and a cap full of cags.
After 10 minutes of shooting wide, high and soft, the goal came when Shorty made light work of a lose ball in the box.
Cags had the better of the play, and it seemed possible they would push on for the winner, in the presence of their adoring Christian school student fans, but just as they dreamed of santa passing down the chimney of victory, it all went up in flames as someone lit the fire that pushed double trigger into the lead, a great run for trigger saw Dicko pass to his younger, but not by much striking partner who scored to go 2-1 up.  To make matters worse, Trigger scored a third to put the match beyond doubt and relegate the Cags to the foot (or close to) of the finals group.
There were some masterful plays from JT and Pete Licho during the game, and both nearly scored, what a great day that will be when Pete Licho does actually score, there will be riots of delight in the streets of Launceston.
There is still time for the Cags to win the comp, but they will have to do it without Hammer, who is off to the happy humping grounds for Hemelaars in Hawaii after Saturday, he even shaved the shoulder in preparation.  Good luck Brenton, and look out Lil!
Some points to ponder
Can the Cags bounce back?
Can Pete Licho score a goal? (he even missed the penalty in the practice game after the match)
Will Hammer become a father in around 9 months?
Will the pacifier ever return to the land of the Cags?
Until next week brothers and sisters of the Caghood, good day to you.

On a side note, the Cags lined up against team Rocket for a second time to give the boys a game after their opponents failed to show up.  The results wasn’t too good for team rocket as Cags dominated in all areas, JT scored a couple of goals which was a delight to see, but Pete Licho did miss a penalty.
One must feel for poor old Oliver after he copped a verbal beating from all and sundry on the field, but he is a good sport.

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