Monday, November 8, 2010

The Ladder after week 4

As you can see, the CAGS have slipped after the unfortunatenesses to Unimates, but all this will be forgotten on Wednesday night when we defeat "Team Rocket Salad"

Well Members of the Cags, One loss and it has seen us tumble from 1st to 3rd.  To gain access to the elite group of footballers that will be playing in the elite group, the Cags will need to defeat the lowly “Team Rocket (Salad)”  This can be done we believe and with relative ease, but preparation is the key.  Plenty of pre game Fanta, and attitude to crunch and become like the bundle of sticks we are so often referred to as.

No one can beat the Cags when we score more goals than our opposition, in fact, it is very difficult to defeat any team who scores more goal than you, so let us be that team, and defeat the Cag Wanna-Bees once and for all!!!!

May the might of the Cag be with you and make you strong.  We will see you and our supporters at
Birch Avenue
at 5:45 for the game to end all games!!!!

Look our Nathan, Josh, Kirren and others whom we are not familiar, as we are coming for you, the likes of the “Pacifier” will keep you quiet, Pete Licho is always lurking to lay a late slide tackle, Rowtondo should be revered, respected and remorsed, as he will pop up when least expected.  Wes Snr. Loves to crunch, as does Hammer, and he has some pay back to lay out for the sake of his inner ear.  Hamper can score a goal from any height, Shorty will tear you a new pair of panty hoes, Jumbo Tits is a menace and stops for no one and F Bomb, well he is an unknown quantity that should be unexpected rather than expected!

Be afraid, be very afraid, by the way, what is the address for the web site for team rocket salad?

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