Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ring Ramming Romeo’s Ram Cags Ring!

Fbomb reacts to the crowd!
Well the Cags fronted up for their first game since 2009, after they surprised all and finished 4th.

No training meant the lads were looking pretty caged after five minutes, from memory Jumbo Tits Taylor took 3 or 4 breathers in the first half alone.

The Cags had signed Taylor and Josh Armstrong after Simmo Petusma defected to a Ranger team, and boy did we miss him.

No Sam Leof either, who is recovering from knee surgery this year. Injury to Ryan Bosker kept him away also, but the Cags thought they could win anyway, mainly because there was no opposition in sight after 5 minutes.

When the Ring jammers did appear from the mens room all together, it was evident there was some talent amongst them, or at least they thought so!

The Cags conceded after the Rammers first chance saw no defenders in sight and a tap in was easy enough to score with. It seems the Cags have not learnt from last year that defense is the key.

Brenton Hemelaar was showing his new found fitness and conducting bicycle kicks, scissor kicks and fresh air wanna be kicks left right and centre, nearly scoring twice. But alas there was not a goal to be found.

The Ramers had another after a good strike left the FBomb in no chance.

Half time and Jumbo Tits needed a drink and enjoyed water, as no one had brought the Fanta. Davo Booge suggested more shots, like last year as eventually one would go in.

Shorty went to goals and saved the Cags bacon on many a time in the second half, in fact he was probably best on ground in goals. It was only after the ball left the goal area that Cags looked crap, but it is only early, and traditionally Cags mature over time.
Cags did score after the watch Tower Chris deDeuge slammed a ring burner of his own straight into the net.

Cags nearly equalised but the Rammers got a late goal as again the Cags were caught up front and forgetting to defend again.

The highlight was toward the end when a Rammer was celebrating his career highlight, scoring in a social game against the Cags, F Bomb reminded him it was a social comp and there was little cause for celebration, as Cags had thrown the game anyway so we could dominate the lower division pool later in the comp! Following the game, F bomb said he couldn’t shake hands with the rammer until he learnt to have fun in the sun, to which the Ring Rammer by his own admition , called F Bomb a Fagot, this was met with some distaste and some man love was shown before heading to the showers. Cags 1 Ring Ramming Romeo’s 3, but the Cags season going to plan as they seek to qualify for the consolation group later in the year.
Chris "the tower" deDeuge

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